Any nearest Airports to Halong bay & transfers to Halong city?

You are planing your family vacation to Halong bay & wonder which airports are the nearest to reach Halong bay? This blog will reply your question with the updated & essential information so that you can go ahead & plan well for your coming holiday to Halong bay.

Any Airports near Halong bay?

Halong bay is famous for its beautiful setting of limestone mountains emerging on the sea water – the landscapes that steals tourists’ hearts around the globe.As a tourist planing a trip to Halong bay, you may ask which airports are the closest so you can quickly be in Halong bay, right?

Halong bay view from Halong helicopter

In Halong bay, there is no airport to recieve tourists from commercial domestic or international air routes but you can catch a sea plane or helicopter to travel Noi Bai airport to Tuan Chau island mainly for sightseeing purposes.As a tourist doing a trip to Halong bay, you can book the flights to three closest Airports to Halong bay : Van Don international airport (50km away), Noi Bai International Airport (195km far from) & Cat Bi internatinal airport (65 km away).Let’s check your flights whether it reaches Halong bay to these airports & process booking the relevant service ( airticket, transfer, cruise, hotel) for your interesting experiences in Halong bay.

Aiports near Halong bay

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Van Don International Airport – the nearest route to Halong bay

Van Don is a new & modern international airport operated in 2018 and is only 50 km far from Halong city – the nearest airport to reach Halong bay. In this early stage of operation, most of flights are domestic ones flying from Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang….etc.If you are flying from certain Southern Vietnam’s regions, it will be really convenient & time-saving to reach Halong bay with this airport.International flights could be soon operated in the near future.

Van Don airport to Halong city

How to get to Halong city?

The new Ha Long – Van Don Expressway, which started operation in December 2018, connects Ha Long Bay to the airport.It will take you a mere 50 minutes to reach Bai Chai area, the tourism hub of Halong city, where you can easily find a hotel & hang around with many recreation activities & cruises to explore Halong bay. You can get the city by free shuttle bus, taxi or private car

a.Free Shuttle Bus Van Don – Halong city

As a promotion policy, all visitors to the new Van Don Airport will receive free bus tickets to Ha Long Bay City (as well as Tu Long Bay and Yen Tu), which are valid for 30 days from the date of the flight.

There are two public shuttle buses – 14A and 14B that each runs every 90 minutes between the airport and Ha Long city.The 14A shuttle bus takes a 55km route that ends in Halong flower park at the center of Halong city.The 14B shuttle bus takes a 72km route that ends in the Sunworld Complex, Ha Long.From the bus stop in Ha long city, you can walk or  take a taxi to your booked hotel.

Shuttle bus Van Don to Halong city

b. Catch a Taxi Van Don to Halong city.

You don’t want to wait for the shuttle bus & would love to fast reach Halong city after a long flight, you can catch a taxi.There are some taxi brand available there for you to choose : Taxi Vân Đồn 0203.3.874.874, Taxi Quang Minh 0203.3.793.793, Taxi Long Khánh 0203.3.795.795, Taxi Hoàng Quân 0203.3.796.796.You will follow taxi metters & pay at the end of the trip, plus the highway toll fees, the cost estimate is between 35-45USD ( up to the car type : 4 seat/7 seat/16 van….). Try to avoid the taxi scams in case the meters run fast or taxi driver run around – leading to much higher cost in the end.

c. Airport pick up service by private car with driver.

For sure of your comfortable travelling between Van Don airport & Halong bay, you can request a private car with driver with a local car rental company.On your arrival, the driver will be in waiting at Van Don airport following your flight number, he will hold your signed name, pick you up & transfer to your ordered hotel in Halong city.In spite of the high-priced journey, this service is much more convenient and private than bus transfer.

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Cat Bi International Airport – the new airport near Halong bay

As a medium-sized airport, Cat Bi is a new international airport in Hai Phong city, just 65km far from Halong bay.Besides popular domestic flights from Southern cities of Vietnam : HCM city, Phu Quoc, Can Tho, Da Nang, Nha Trang……, Cat Bi international airport also  connect Hai Phong to other international cities like Bangkok, Seoul, Shenzhen, Matsumoto.You are in other cities in Southern Vietnam or start your international air routes from Bangkok, Seoul, Shenzhen, Mstsumoto, it will be great & time – saving to approach Halong bay from this airport.

Cat Bi airport - Hai Phong to Halong bay

How to get from Cat Bi to Halong city?

Cat Bi airport is 65km away from Halong bay & in 1.5 hour drive on a new Hai Phong – Halong Express, you will be in Halong city.From Cat Bi airport, you can take a public bus, a taxi or private car with driver to Halong Bay.

Cat Bi airport to Halong city by public bus

The nearest bus station is Lac Long.You need to take a bus to get there & catch catch a bus to Hon Gai or Cam Pha.En route, you request to get down at the road near Halong city and take a taxi to your hotel in Halong city or Halong pier in Halong bay.The public bus normally take a normal roads & stops a lot on their way to pick up & drop-off their clients, it is quite cheap but may take you at least 2-2.5 hour to be in Halong bay

Taxi Hanoi – Halong city

You can take a taxi to Halong city as well & payment at the end following the taxi metter, plus with the toll fees. You can order driver to go on Hai Phong – Ha Long highway to save time and enjoy scenic scenery during the journey.It will take around 1.5 hours at the cost of 10 USD for a bus and 35 – 50 USD for a car/ taxi ride

Private car Cat Bi to Halong bay

Airport Pick-up Service by private car & driver

You are the first timer to Vietnam & do not know what is going on. You would love the smooth start for your Halong bay trip? Let’s book an airport pick-up service by private car with driver with a local car rental company.On your arrival, the driver will follow your flight number, he will hold your signed name at Cat Bi airport, pick you up & transfer to your ordered hotel in Halong city.

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Noi Bai International Airport- the biggest airport near Halong bay.

Noi Bai is Vietnam’s second-largest airport which receives millions of passengers annually. Despite a long distance of 195 km, Noi Bai Airport is still the most favorable destination for Halong Bay visitors to land in before getting to the bay.

It connects Hanoi to many international destinations all over the world: Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Busan, Siem Reap, etc. and the most frequent domestic flights include Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Da Lat, etc.

Noi Bai airport hanoi to Halong bay

How to get from Noi Bai airport to Halong Bay

You are planning a trip to Halong bay directly without a stop for sightseeing in Hanoi city.New highway Hanoi- Halong is recently operated makes your journey to Halong bay faster.On a private car with driver, it will take you around 3.5 hours to reach Halong bay from Noi Bai airport.Let’s have a good reference with one of the following suggestions to Halong city.

Taxi Hanoi airport to Halong bay:

Get out of Noi Bai airport, you can easily catch a taxi ( Mai Linh, Hanoi taxi) to have smooth travel to Halong city.For a fast access to Halong bay on a good road condition, you can request the driver to follow Hanoi- Halong Express ( surely, the toll fees is extra between 14usd-20usd depending on car size).The payment is also done by taxi metters, the cost is around 80-100usd/ one way, plus highway toll fees if you request highway.

Hanoi airport to Halong bay

Hanoi airport pick-up by private car with driver to Halong city 

For no hidden price, you can request the airport pick-up service by private car with driver operated by a local car hire company, get the car & stated price for your group.Upon your Noibai airport arrival, driver will follow your flight number & its landing time, he holds your singed name, pick you up and transfer to Halong bay on normal roads ( 4 hours) or on highway ( 3.5 hours) – up to your choices

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Seaplane Hanoi airport to Halong bay

You are on the flight landing at Noi Bai airport, if you love to experence Halong bay’s beauty by air, you can check Seaplane Hai Au’s flight schedules, connect your flight with this carrier to have a great experience transfering to Halong bay.It is fast & extraodinary but costs an arm and a leg, ranging from 175 USD to 385 USD.

Hanoi to Halong bay by helicopter

Halong bay exploration with Golden Holiday Travel

Above are our list of 3 airports near Halong bay so you can have a good reference to plan your coming trip to Halong bay. Hopefully, it will be useful for you when booking flights & transfers to Halong bay. As a local tour operator, we are pleased to support & consult any travellers doing their trips to Vietnam.If you are looking for a Halong bay cruise, in need of airport pick-up by private car with driver, feel free to contact us at +84.988451530 (whatsapp) or email us to, our travel experts will soon reply you back with useful suggestions & updated consultancy.

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