Step by step travel guide to plan your perfect Vietnam tour 2022

Covid has made people realize the importance of travel for health and spirit until the trip becomes more difficult. Travel is really a “vitamin” for life and many people will go on vacation as a way of “self-care” in 2022.

In spite the fact that Covid is far over in the world and uncertainty will still continue in the Vietnam tourism industry. It is difficult for anyone to foresee the new surprises and challenges that lie ahead, but people have learned to embrace them. A great news for tourists is Vietnam has a plan to fully resume tourists with normal commercial flights to welcome international tourists in 2022.

After 2 years of lockdowns, Vietnam is still the top tourist destination after the Covid-19 epidemic thanks to the advantage of majestic natural landscapes, many nice beaches, reasonable prices, delicious cuisines, friendly people and safety. So, it is now the right time to plan your coming Vietnam trip perfectly by reading our Step-by-Step Guide to plan your perfect Vietnam tour 2022

Ba Be lake - Vietnam tour 2022

Ba Be lake – Vietnam

1 – Travel budget

Although Vietnam is one of cheapest holiday destination to visit that based on accommodation, transportation and meal costs. Before planning your Vietnam tour, you had better figure out your travel budget, calculate the cost of return tickets, insurrance as it will affect to where you want to visit and for how long…

Things to keep in mind:

– Save the money
– Request a tailor made tour package that fits your budget
– Prepare extra funds for something like souvenirs, optional excursions, holiday extensions.
– Check out if there is any hidden cost if you go on the trip.

2 -What is your travel style?

It is impportant to decide on your and partner’s travel style. For examples, do you want to stay at beaches or explore the mountains? Let’s listen to your and your partner’s style and decide on activities that meet your expectations then contact a Vietnam tour operator to design a suitable tour itinerary.

Things to keep in mind:

– Culture and history
– Beaches (Cruise, Kayaking, diving, canoeing…)
– Mountains (hiking, climbing, camping, biking, motorbiking…)
– Cuisine
– Sightseeing
– Adventure
– Or combination

cruise Halong bay - Vietnam Tour 2022

Halong bay from an overnight cruise

3 – Choose a destination

Vietnam is a beautiful country and you can travel in Vietnam all year round. However, let’s check out the best seasons in each destination in Vietnam to plan your Vietnam tour perfectly.

Things to keep in mind:

There are four seasons in the north of Vietnam

– Spring is from March – May: Cool, wet with drizzle
– Summer is from June to August: Hot and humid
– Autumn is from September to 11: Cool and dry
– Winter is from December to February: Cold and grey

Beautiful landscapes are in the north of Vietnam. You can see amazing nice terraces in Sapa, Mu Cang Chai, Y Ty, Hoang Su Phi, spectacular landscapes of Ha Giang, scenic Trang An, Ha Long Bay… The north is also where to learn about Vietnamese histiory and culture.

There are two seasons in the central part and the south:

– The dry season is from April to November: Sunny, but heavy rains and tropical storms normally happen from June to November. Flights may be delayed, but do not cause big problems.
– The rainy season is from December to March: Sudden rains may happen, but it does not rain everyday.

Things to see: Ancient Capital in Hue, Ancient town of Hoi An and Vietnam’s best beaches in Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc island…

Ba Na Hill - Da Nang- Vietnam tour 2022

Ba Na hill view from Golden Bridge

4 – Length of your trip

Do your own research to get information of each destination in Vietnam. You can also ask people in some travel groups, travel forum, but it is best idea to contact a local Vietnam tour operator who will give you useful tips and advice.

Things to keep in mind:

– 1 week in Vietnam: Not enough to visit all attractive destinations. You should only focus on the north and central part.

– 2 weeks in Vietnam: Long enought to travel from north to south and visit the main attractions.

– 3 weeks in Vietnam: Perfect! You travel from rural to countryside, from mountaions to beaches with plenty of time to explore Vietnam in depth.

5 – Vietnam tour operator

When Covid is far from over and you travel in a risky situation, Golden Holiday Travel advises you to plan your Vietnam tour with a local Vietnam tour operator so that you can travel comfortably and taken care in good hands.

Things to keep in mind:

– Ask your friends if they know a good Vietnam tour operator (word of mouth)
– Check if the Vietnam tour operator has full licence (Business and tour operator licences)
– Check if the Vietnam tour operator is still alive (survive from Covid-19)
– Check if the Vietnam tour operator responses quickly with professtional services
– Check if the Vietnam tour operator offers flexible payment and cancellation policies

Halong bay - Vietnam Tour 2022

Clients with us in Halong bay

6 – Plan your tour Itinerary

Your Vietnam tour should be private with flexible schedule. Things must be clear to avoid misuderstanding and it is possible to make changes without additional costs during your trip.

Things to keep in mind:

– Private tour package to minimize risks of catching Covid-19.
– Customised tour package to see and do what you want
– Be sure there is no hidden cost when you travel
– Be clear what are included and excluded
– Check if the hotels are in good location, rooms are big enough…
– Itinerary must be in details

7 – Book Your Flight

If you book your international flights, check the arrival and departure time. Because, there are extra costs for early check -in and late check out at hotels in Vietnam.

As for domestic flights, it is better to be booked by your Vietnam travel agency so that you are updated with changes.

Things to keep in mind:

– Check in time at hotels in Vietnam is normaly from 14:00
– Check out time is before 12:00
– Only fly with Vietnamairlines (Vietnam National Airlines, the best choice for comfort, on-time, and safety)

Vietnam Airline - Vietnam tour 2020

8 – Minimize travel risks

Before traveling to Vietnam, take your time to double check everything and remember;

– Scan travel documents, also keep them in your mail box.
– Bring back- up credit cards
– Reconfirm your flight tickets
– Reconfirm tour arrangements with your tour operator before arrival. Keep their contact in case of emergency.

9 – Pack

– Check weather and climate of the visiting destinations to prepare what to bring.
– Pack light
– Bring something neccessary like medicines

10 – Take care of your health

You must have “vaccine passport’ to enter Vietnam. And all Vietnamese from from 12 years old will be vaccinated by the end of 2021. However, it is advised to keep yourself safe by avoiding the crowds, traveling to less-visited places and following Covid-19 Health & Safety Protocol.

Things to keep in mind:

– Buy a Vietnamese sim card to install Covid-19 apps (PC covid). You may have to scan your QR code to enter a place or realize the Blue zone or not.
– Make sure where you stay (hotels), follow messures to protect guests from Covid-19
– Vaccine of the “New Normality” is people’s awareness and you play a roll in the fight agaist Covid-19. 

Vietnam tour 2022

Hopefully, the brief travel guide will be useful to plan your coming trip to Vietnam.In need of local travel support, feel free to let us know, we are happy to consult & support your travel need as well as provide updated information about Vietnam Travel Updates.

All the best & see you in Hanoi, Vietnam !

Golden Holiday Travel Team

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Hope this personsal blog do some help for your Vietnam trip plans ! Any questions or support you need, feel free to let me know.....

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