Nha Trang is a coastal city famous for its spectacular beaches, turquoise bays as well as a variety of marine life.
There are also numerous amusement parks for recreational activities and traditional and gothic-style architecture of historical buildings for visiting.

Spending a leisure day at Long Beach, trying a mudbath, getting on the water, snorkeling around stunning islands, or visiting pagodas and palaces are must-do things when traveling to Nha Trang. Let’s review our certain  Vietnam Travel Packages with this fascinating beach city.

Classic & Highlight Tours

Classic & Highlight Tours are pre-designed travel itineraries for the travellers who would love to explore top attractions and the most iconic travel sites in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia ( Indochina).
Whether you are a group of friends, family or single travelers planning your trips to Vietnam &Indochina…, Golden Holiday Travel understand about your concerns and interests during your vacations, the value you want for your money as well as the protection from any hassles during the trip.

Those Classic & Higlight Tours are showcasing both classic top sights and the magnificent hidden gems in Vietnam, Lao & Cambodia; about different types of abundant knowledge and tremendous experience in your journey around Vietnam; and about giving you the very best vacation. Golden Holiday Travel and the team look forward to welcoming you to Vietnam & Indochina soon!

With great food, lush scenery and lots of warm, friendly locals, you & your family will fall in love with...

This adventure is designed for the travelers who are interested in the unique culture and impressive characteristics of Vietnam and...

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