Discretely framing the rest of Indochina is a coastline stretching across the shores of the East Vietnam Sea, an obvious stopover for a traveller passing through Asia. Accented by its three main areas: North, Central, and South, Vietnam evokes a particular allure for travellers and business folk alike, a relevant contemporary history, a burgeoning economic powerhouse, a culture as diverse as it is rich and an eclectic cuisine that reflects all of the above.

In the previous century, Vietnam was the subject of international attention and fascination. Today, although the circumstances have changed considerably, that attention and fascination has survived and grown into something altogether new. Modern Vietnam is now the subject of economic prosperity and untapped natural beauty. In National Geographic’s January 2011 issue, the world’s largest caves in central Vietnam made their debut in a two-page spread; but the Phong-Nha caves are only the tip of the iceberg.

With a youthful population and a forgiving heart, Vietnam has moved into the 21st century with a vigor and freedom unspoiled by the past. The people look forward with no thought to a war that tore the very fabric of their families apart, instead they see the beauty of their country and what they have to offer the world. This skinny strip of land, with its stunning beaches and rolling mountains, its hidden histories, its diverse ethnic groups and bountiful fresh cuisine are all priceless.


Vietnam is especially famous for its diversity and natural beauty. You could spend months traveling up and down the coast and still not exhaust everything Vietnam has to offer. From the rolling green karst mountains and hills to the splendid crystal white beaches to the stretching wet flatlands. Throw into this the vast collection of ancient and modern structures built over the centuries.

Adventure Tours

Perhaps less known is that you can also go for some pretty awesome hikes in Vietnam & Indochina. Hiking in Vietnam & Indochina spans the entire hiking spectrum, from easy walks through historic villages and on scenic beaches to serious, long-distance jungle treks.

The region’s landscapes offer hikers a unique experience. This is where you can hike through highland valleys, along terraced rice paddies and underneath towering limestone mountain ranges. No matter your hiking experience or physical fitness, you’ll find a hike in Vietnam & Indochina right for you. If you’re after remarkable mountain scenery, northern Vietnam is your best bet. Elsewhere in the country, you’ll find trails in nature reserves and national parks, as well as along the coast.

Below are popular tour packages with hiking experiences for your choice in Vietnam & Indochina

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Hoa Lu, Tam Coc, Mua Cave Day Trip is among the most favorite tours of Golden Holiday Travel and is...

Classic & Highlight Tours

Classic & Highlight Tours are pre-designed travel itineraries for the travellers who would love to explore top attractions and the most iconic travel sites in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia ( Indochina).
Whether you are a group of friends, family or single travelers planning your trips to Vietnam &Indochina…, Golden Holiday Travel understand about your concerns and interests during your vacations, the value you want for your money as well as the protection from any hassles during the trip.

Those Classic & Higlight Tours are showcasing both classic top sights and the magnificent hidden gems in Vietnam, Lao & Cambodia; about different types of abundant knowledge and tremendous experience in your journey around Vietnam; and about giving you the very best vacation. Golden Holiday Travel and the team look forward to welcoming you to Vietnam & Indochina soon!

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Bai Dinh pagoda – Trang An Day Trip is a nice day escape from Hanoi to rural land of Ninh...

Exotic Indochina Family Tour is the best choice for the tourists who want to combine 3 beautiful countries of Vietnam,...

8-DAY INDOCHINA EXPLORATION FAMILY TOUR  is an ideal option for you to spend your vacation with your family in the...

If you are planning your family trip to Southeast Asia, check out our  INDOCHINA FAMILY TOUR PACKAGE. This all-inclusive journey...

With great food, lush scenery and lots of warm, friendly locals, you & your family will fall in love with...

This Southern Vietnam & Cambodia Tour offers the travelers an opportunity to combine the bustling Ho Chi Minh City of...

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Cruise Journeys

Vietnam & Indochina is a large region fed by two big river systems, its numerous tributaries as well as its endless coastal lines so boat ride & cruise are popular activities you will take part in when doing trips to this part of the world.Cruises to relax & sightsee Halong bay & Mekong River are popular journeys while exploring Vietnam & Indochina.Below are popular Vietnam & Indochina tours with boat ride & cruise for your best references…..

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Limited time you have for your vacation and you would like to make a day trip to Halong bay with...

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You don’t like touristic places and are planning a vacation to our world-famed Halong bay? As a part of Halong...

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Are you planning a cruise to Lan Ha bay -Cat Ba islands? Think of the right way that is worth...

Off The Beaten Track

Are you looking for the ‘authentic’ Vietnam & Indochina ? Exploring the less-tourist places; admiring awesome landscapes and learning local cultures? At Golden Holiday Travel, we have the solution for all your off the beaten track travel needs. Beside our well-designed travel ideas below, we give you the freedom to create tailor-made trips with our local travel specialists. We have created a range of unique tours to the lesser known corners of Vietnam & Indochina region and are ready to help you design your custom-made, off the beaten path adventure! Please, have many of our ready-made adventures reviewed for the details

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Ba Vi National Park is an ideal place for a day break out of Hanoi city, really worth a challenge...

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Are you a nature lover & an outdoor enthusiat? You love to be surrounded with natural scenery & take part...

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You love pristine nature and fun of healthy activities of trekking, boating & homestaying? You would like to get away...

Other Trips

These are other trips.

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Are you planning a trip to Hanoi city, Vietnam? You would love to visit Hanoi’s must-visited attractions on a guided...

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Are you tired with daily city routine ? And you would love to escape and trace back the original culture...

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Ready to taste the best street food in Hanoi? Thirsty for exploration of Hanoi Old Quarter & the feeling of...

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You are in Hanoi & would love to visit less – touristic places in Ninh Binh? You are interested in...

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Do you have a thirst for a day break for beautiful & peaceful countryside? You love to be surrounded with...

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