Are you planning a family holiday to Halong bay? You would love to know when is the right time to visit this bay for its fullest beauty?Let’s read this detailed Halong guide & find out the best time to visit Halong bay when the weather is at its best, and the best time to get the best deal……

Best time to visit Halong bay in terms of weather

As a world- famed UNESCO natural heritage, Halong bay is one of top tourist attractions in Asia, a can’t – be – missed place in any tourists’ Vietnam travel itinerary.Like the tropical monsoon climate in Northern Vietnam, Halong Bay weather is also featured with four distinct seasons: the warm spring, the hot summer, the cool autumn, and the cold winter.

The average annual temperature is 25°C, and the temperature fluctuates from 13°C to 38°C throughout the year. January is the coldest month of the year, while June is the hottest one. The annual amount of precipitation is approximately 1,395 mm. The largest rainfall happens between June and August – the wettest months.

Halong bay - best time to visit

Halong has too much to offer: emerald water, lush mountains, clear blue sky and idyllic fishing villages, which could be visited the whole year – round for its different beauty.However, the best time to explore Halong bay’s landscapes to its fullest beauty are during the months of September – October, and March – April, when the temperature is mild, the sky is clear & bright – ideal time to go sightseeing and join various activities in the bay.

Best time to visit Halong bay for the best deals of Halong bay cruise?

If you are a budget tourist, want to get the best deals of Halong bay cruisesthe months between May & September can be the best time to visit Halong bay.This time is considered as off-tourist season, many cruises offer their big discounts so that you can save up to 40% OFF compared with the price of the high season (from October to April). In those summer months, the weather stays hot & humid with constant showers and unpredictable heavy storms, which may prohibit the cruises from coming out the sea.Nevertheless, bad weather happens occasionally and doesn’t last longer than four days.In those cases, you can change the sightseeing schedule by exploring other places nearby Hanoi first, then visit Halong Bay later.
Titop island - best time to visit Halong bay
Besides big discounts, what else you can expect in the low season of Halong bay? In spite of hot weather, normally from 33°C to 37°C, the picturesque scenery will compensate for it all, the sky will be exceptionally high and brilliantly blue and the water will be stunningly emerald.If you want to enjoy a clear view of the bay, especially from the seaplane, this is the best time to do so.There will be more time for swimming, kayaking, and other water activities than in the fall and winter.

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When to visit Halong bay?

While there is the best time to visit Halong bay, but not all of you can arrange that time frame for Halong bay. As we mentioned earlier, Halong bay could be visited at any time of the year. Each season in Halong bay has its own pro & con. The following is a rough guide to the weather condition of each season in Halong Bay, you can get a good reference & decide on when to visit Halong bay.

Winter season ( November to January) : Mystical Halong Bay

In winter, Halong bay’s temperature is around 10 – 20°C, which is very pleasant and perfect for relaxing. There is sunlight during the day but mostly you will see fog in the morning and late afternoon, which creates mystical Halong bay, where the rock formations hide under cloudy fog, appear, disappear and then show up again.

Mysterious Halong bay in Winter Time

Although swimming is not suitable, there are a lot of other activities to do such as hiking, kayaking, visiting local fishing villages, or taking overnight Halong Bay cruise, the most comfortable experience in winter.This time, Halong bay is in peak season with foreign tourists for their holiday break of Christmas and New Year Holiday.It is hard to find a good deal tour & is highly recommended to book the trip far in advance to make sure the service’s availability.

Spring season ( February to April) – the best time to visit Halong bay.

In spring days, the weather is warmer with the average temperature at 24°C in couple with little sunshine.You still experience foggy condition with some drizzles in February and be at its high visibility during March & April

Spring is considered the best season to visit Halong Bay as tourists can truly experience cruising slowly around the freshly breathtaking scenery. When the sun shines constantly all day and the water is gentle and calm, it’s a perfect time for outdoor activities such as swimming, kayaking, and steamy BBQ cave dining in the daytime. At night, you should spend time catching squid with the fishermen as spring is Halong’s squid season. In late spring, the bay becomes more appealing and remains attractive to tourists till the summer, especially since April is among the best months to visit Halong

Kayak in halong bay

Summer season (May to August) – the time for best deals of Halong bay cruise.

Weather can be sunny and clear during this time, but extremely hot. There is a high chance of showers and unpredictable typhoons. This time is considered as low season of foreign tourists to Vietnam but 3 month summer vacation for local Vietnamsese, who tend to have summer breaks on beaches.Travelling to Halong bay, Vietnamese normally stay overnight at the hotels so the hotels’ rooms are normally fully booked especially at weekends. While overnight cruises which are mostly beloved by foreigners have to offer their big discounts to fill up their cabins, that is why you can expect to get a great deal on cruise.

Summer brings clear views of the stunning islands and emerald water, which make a perfect time to travel by seaplane. Also, tourists will have great chances to take part in amusing activities like swimming, kayaking, sightseeing, sunbathing, fishing, and cycling. However, you’d better avoid the noontime because too much sun exposure can probably cause heat exhaustion, heatstroke, or sunburn

Best time to visit Halong bay

Notes :

  •  If you travel to Halong Bay in these summer months you will need to bring sunglasses, sun cream, insect repellent, swim-suit and changes, one baseball hat or wide-brimmed sun hat, flip-flops/waterproof sandals, and a light sweatshirt/sweater for chilly mornings and evenings. Please be aware that, summer is the most active period of jellyfish, which can don’t cause too much trouble but popular symptoms such as hives, and rashes.
  • Travelling to Halong bay between May & September, there are higher chances of typhoons, which may result in the cancellation or delay of your cruise tour, it is smart to check the weather forecast carefully

Halong bay floating village

Autumn season ( September to October) – the best time to visit Halong bay

Autumn is the most beautiful time to visit Halong bay in terms fo weather, the average temperature is lower than 27°C, the sky is blue & clear.You won’t be much bothered by the rains and storms as in the summer. Vietnamese tourist season is also over.The wonderful weather will enable you to enjoy all activities offered on-board while making sightseeing as perfect as it could be

Notes: The nice weather makes autumn the peak season. Consequently, Ha Long Bay becomes more bustling and expensive than other times of the year. To avoid the crowds, you should visit less-touristy destinations like Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay.

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Lan ha bay - Halong

Travel to Halong bay, avoid this Public Holidays in Vietnam

If you’re looking for a less crowded time, you should avoid visiting Halong Bay during the following holidays when Vietnam sees a great number of domestic travelers.

  • International New Year ( 1th January)

  • Lunar New Year (Tet festival on January 1-3 in lunar calendar)

  • Liberation Day & Labour Day ( 30th April & 1st May)

  • Hung King festival ( 10th March in lunar calendar)

  • National Day ( 2th September)

Things to do if the Halong Bay tour is canceled due to the bad weather

The bad weather conditions include heavy storms, typhoons, and thick fog, which will surely prevent the cruises from coming out to ensure the passengers’ safety. Basing on the weather forecast, Halong management board, the state agency taking up all operations, often makes a decision to cancel or shorten the cruise/tour itinerary if bad weather conditions. As a rule, all cruise operators and travel companies have to follow the final decision of cruise/tour cancellation by the management board. In most cases, passengers can get a refund for cancellation or alternative choices plan if the cruise tour is put off.

As a passenger, you should check the updates and keep in touch with travel agents to be informed of any cancellation or a backup plan. Please check the cancellation policy in advance. If you haven’t embarked yet, it is suggested to wait for the next cruise trip in calmer weather or visit the other destinations in northern Vietnam and save Halong for the last. If you are on a cruise trip, you should follow the arrangements of the cruise operator.

In summary, everytime is a good time to visit Halong bay, but the best time to visit Halong depends on what you prefer: beautiful weather or hot cruise deals, water-based or other outdoor activities or fewer crowds.Please, share it to your friends if you find it helpful.In need of local travel support, don’t hesitate to email us :

best time to visit Halong bay

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